Myriad of Threats due to Compromise of Critical IT Infrastructure

Assignment Instructions:
You are tasked as the Cyber Security Analyst at your new organization to prepare a briefing for executive management (comprised of people with anywhere from a basic understanding of Information Technology [IT] to a Chief Information Officer with a vast knowledge of IT). The purpose of the briefing is to make recommendations on a course of action they should take to deal with a myriad of threats due to a recent compromise of critical IT Infrastructure by an unknown intruder or insider.

For the purpose of this assignment, you are to select one of the topics below and create an in-depth and thoroughly analyzed report that first researches the subject matter and provides a well thought out background based on current trends; and then makes rationalization for the subsequent recommendations.

TOPICS (you may use more than one topic in your report if you like):

Attack Methodology plus Tools and Techniques used
Attackers – Types of Threats
How Most Organizations Defend Today (Lessons Learned)
Targeted Capabilities – What we should be Defending.

3 – 4 Pages in length in APA format (not including a cover page and reference section)
Cover Page
Background Section
Analysis of current research on the subject matter
Reference Section

Use current and real-world data to make your points, not just the textbook
Your report may focus only on the topic of your choosing – imagine yourself working on one aspect of the report while team members complete the other areas following the same structure.

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