1) In our zoom lecture , we clarify three distinct models for Multiplication.
a) A multiplication can be represented by an area
b) A multiplication is a repeated addition
c) A multiplication can also be represented by equal groups
With that knowledge , can you find three ways to explain to an elementary school child who so far only know addition and subtraction.
what 4 time 5 means ? You can use a little word problem or drawings to illustrate .
Explore being really fundamental in depth , and remember that multiplication “exists “ before we call it so and before we symbolize it by the mathematical symbol we all know as “x “ .

2) This second question has two different parts with a lot of little questions and is more like a reflection and a research Please read carefully .

Once we learn the meaning of multiplication, then we can learn about the algorithm use to perform more advanced multiplications .The teaching becomes more procedural at that point which can be challenging for some students
The standard multiplication algorithm used commonly is the following

a) As you perform the operation yourself below . Reflect on the procedure .Could you break it down .What is it based on? Well its always place value for sure and base 10 expansion .Write a little paragraph about it .Do you remember when you first learned it
? Do you now have the opportunity to be around 2 nd graders as they first learn it ?

x 69

b) Research different algorithm for multiplication .
You can do it online and post the link or a reference to the link . Try to understand the different way and reexplain it .
They are many and to name a few :Lattice, Egyptian , some from Teacher from India or China , there is even one call “Russian peasant “, you could also make up one .

Once you find an alternative way and decide on that one . Do the multiplication I gave you using that way and then write a paragraph on why you like or dont like it .

Keep in mind that of course you are probably going to like the way you are used too that’s normal .The idea is not to teach different way but to see that there are different ways if that makes sense ?
Although the Lattice way is now used in elementary school because it is more visual . I will post a page on it .

3) For this last page , ignore when it says 10 points and the page number .I apologize .I tried my best with acrobat to delete it and still have to learn lot about those things .

Those two exercices intent to make you reflect on our standard multiplication algorithm You can use also trial and error , or evaluate the number .
Please although it is tedious , I want you to write to me how you found each number Thank you

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