Multiple Perceptions of the Interpreter


You will choose a topic impacting the interpreting profession and compose a 5 to 7-page APA research paper. A minimum of 4 academic sources will be required, one of which must be an RID publication (e.g., RID Views, Journal of Interpretation, Street Leverage, etc.). The paper should give the history and background of the topic, as well as the impact on the interpreting profession and Deaf community. Topics may include medical interpreting, language development in deaf students, legal interpreting laws, etc.

Please note that while Wikipedia is not a reliable academic source, it can be used as a starting point for your research. This tool is often helpful in finding basic information that can often lead to more scholarly sources.You may use the course text as a reference, but it should NOT be your primary source of information.You will be graded on the following items:-APA formatoIn paper citations, works cited page, running header, double spaced, etc-GrammaroSpelling, punctuation, proofreading, etc

-Overall organizationoDoes the paper make sense? Flow well? Similar ideas grouped together? Is the paper on topic?-Depth and breadth of researchoIs there sufficient research related to the topic? Is the research from multiple sources?-Application to/ implications on the interpreting profession-Application to/ implications on the deaf community-Quality of sourcesoAre they reliable? Academic? Is there an RID publication?-(optional) How this information affects your goals related to interpreting


Multiple Perceptions of the Interpreter: What it Means to Be One

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