Multiple Layers of Identity

To what extent have you reflected on your own cultural and/or racial identity development, and those of the adult learners you have or will work with? What in relationship to cultural or racial identity is important for adult educators to consider?
Relatedly, have you ever made a judgment about someone based on a stereotype? Your immediate response may be to deny it, but most people make quick, unconscious assessments based on first appearances. Mental shortcuts help us sort information quickly, yet these concepts and assumptions are far from fail proof. Have you ever had an assumption that you made about a person turn out to be wrong? If you have had experiences with people who have different cultural and racial identities than you, you may have learned to become aware of and question the assumptions you make based on first appearances or stereotypes. Individuals are made up of multiple layers of identity, so making conscious or unconscious/implicit judgements based on stereotypes or first appearances can create problems and impede adult learning and growth. The first step towards mitigating judgments based on a stereotype is to become more aware of the implicit biases that you have formed that help you make decisions quickly.
To prepare:
• Review the Learning Resources for this week.
• Complete the Harvard Implicit Bias test and discuss.
• Research the Walden University Library and find a current article related to cultural or racial identity development. Consider choosing an article that you deem relevant to our own cultural or racial identity, or that you deem otherwise relevant to your professional or scholarly endeavors.

Post a description of how you might answer the question about making judgments based on stereotypes. Compare this description with the insights you gained as a result of completing the Harvard Implicit Bias Test activity and, if relevant, from your insights about cultural or racial identity development from your chosen article.

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