Multimedia Illustrations

The Writing Prompt: Write a 6 page proposal for one way to address a food-related ethical problem on our campus or in our communities. Use the following questions for guidance:

• What is a serious, food related ethical problem that needs to be fixed on our campus, in the local community, in the state, or in a location of your choosing?

• What is a plausible solution that would best address this problem?

• Why is your solution the most ethical way to address the problem? What ethical principle(s) guide your solution?

• What objections do you expect to face from your intended audience? How can you address their concerns?

• What is at stake in this solution? What should your audience do with your proposal?

The paper will be evaluated based on the following guidelines for writing a successful proposal:

• Clear framing of a serious, food-related ethical problem that affects the campus or a local or global community in some way

• A plausible argument for a solution, based on reasons and evidence showing that the solution will help address or solve the problem and that can be implemented successfully

• Smooth and critical integration of sources that involve ethical ways to view the problem and the solution

• Critical engagement with the proposal’s limitations or possible objections from your intended audience

• The use of at least two visual or multimedia illustrations to enhance your proposal

• A clear and logical organization of ideas

• A works cited page and an “acknowledgements” statement

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