Mr. Smith and Mrs. Jones Case Study

Please answer the two prompts below, and you have a 1000 word limit. 

  1. Mr. Smith works at Best Buy (a private corporation). Best Buy implements a policy that requires all employees to become fully vaccinated against Covid-19 (become fully vaccinated means 2 shots plus a booster) by November 30, 2022. Mrs. Jones works at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (a state funded entity). Her place of employment also mandates all employees obtain a Covid-19 vaccine (become fully vaccinated) by November 30, 2022. Both Best Buy and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission have declared immediate termination if an employee fails to become fully vaccinated by November 30, 2022.  Both Mr. Smith and Mrs. Jones seek your legal advice about whether they have to become fully vaccinated against Covid-19, or do they have a legal right to not take the vaccine and still remain employed at their respective places of employment.  
  • Mr. Smith and Mrs. Jones are also of the Jewish faith. They are asking their employers to:
  • accept state money to create a Hanukkah display in their place of employment, and
  • allow each of them to pray in the lunchroom during their lunch breaks. 

Based on the cases we read this week, are they permitted these requests via the First Amendment?  Please advise both Mr. Smith and Mrs. Jones about their legal rights. Please only utilize course content  we examine this term in this class. Utilizing cases, articles, statutes… extraneous to this course will  result in a reduction of points in your grade for this assignment. Please do not base your answer on your 

opinion either, base your answer on content we examine in this course. Please limit your answer to 1000 words.  

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