Movie Analysis


You may ONLY use our textbook and the movie as sources for your essays. Use two textbook citations: Palmer, Edition number, page numbers (in parentheses at the end of the relevant quote or paraphrasing), to provide some foundation for your topic. Use two scenes from the movie. When using the required movie scenes provide the relevant scene times (e.g. The Matrix, 00:45 to 01:15 – this means from 45 seconds of the beginning of the movie to one and a quarter minute) as you would do with page numbers – that is your scene citation. 

Do not include a bibliography page. If you use an unofficial (not the seventh) edition of Palmer’s book, please make sure to specify which edition and NOT to use the Allegory of the Cave passage present in some older editions! If no edition is specified, the Seventh will be assumed and used to evaluate your work.

Please use a standard (Times New Roman) 12-point font and double-space. Margins should be standard (about 1 inch). No need to stretch margins or increase font size, since we go by the number of words. Your essay must be between 750-1000 words; I know it is a very short space, so get to the point right away. This is not a movie review. In fact, I do not need to find out how much you liked/disliked the movie. Using old-fashioned measurements, the short, concise essay is about three to four pages long, but we go by number of words. Your word processor can do a word count for you and Turnitin will do it for me. 

Gordon Rule (GR) Requirements Your essays must (1) have a clearly defined central idea or thesis; (2) provide adequate support for that idea; (3) be organized clearly and logically; and (4) utilize the conventions of standard edited American English. Please highlight your thesis statement, the key sentences in each supporting paragraph and that in your concluding paragraph; This will help me find the logical flow of what you are saying. If you are unable to meet the above four requirements, consult your English Composition professor or go to the Writing Lab

Please do not include a cover page, only include your name, course (PHI2010), semester, date and email address on the top of the first page. Save your paper under a name that closely identifies it with our course and with you (e.g. JSmithPHI2010_E).

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