Motorcycle Diaries

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Los Diarios de Motocicleta DUE: Wednesday, December 4th.

In the movie The Motorcycle Diaries, the characters Ernesto and Alberto decide to travel together across Latin America in La Poderosa, The Mighty One, an old motorcycle, with the objective of getting to know first-hand this continent that before they have only known through books. They want to engage with people along the way, even spending some time volunteering in a colony for patients with leprosy in the Amazon jungle of Peru. They want to explore the continent, and the experiences they have, impact them in ways they didn’t expect.

  1. Focusing on the character of Ernesto, describe one or more ways in which this trip changes him. Writing one well thought paragraph is enough.
  2. Tú viaje: Imagine you could engage in your own journey of self-discovery. Using the movie as point of departure, decide where would you want to go, who would you want to travel with, what modes of transportation would you want to use, how long you plan to take in your trip, what would be the route you would follow, what experiences you would seek to engage in.

First answer the questions in Spanish, following the way the Motorcycle Diaries movie presents Alberto and Ernesto’s trip the viewers. Then, write in English a few paragraphs explaining why you would like to engage in the trip you have designed. What is you objective and how could the decisions you make about plan, method, equipment, participants, etc. help you to reach your objective. Insert about 3 images related to your journey to illustrated some aspects of your planning and justification.

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