Motor Vehicle Industry

In 3 pages answer:

  1. What are the key success factors for a successful firm in the global motor vehicle industry?
  2. What are Tata Motors’ internal strengths and weaknesses? Identify competencies and capabilities that the company’s major competitors are lacking. What market opportunities does the company have and what threats can you identify that may negatively impact the company’s future?
  3. Would you describe Tata Motors international strategy as a global, transnational, or multidomestic strategy? Explain your answer.
  4. What do you consider to be the most important problems and issues facing Tata Motors, based on your analysis of the company and the global motor vehicle industry? Prioritize these problems and issues beginning with the most important.
  5. What actions would you suggest to Mr. Tata and his management team to help Tata Motors sustain or improve its competitive position in the domestic market and global markets, and its long–term financial performance?

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