Motion Of Astronomical Bodies

For this week’s assignment, I want each of you to write a post (at least 100 words, thoughtful and on topic) where you discuss something from this week’s material that you found interesting and didn’t know before. This post must be completed before the due date.

Chapter 3: Motion of Astronomical Bodies, pages 70-77
• Sections 3.3 through 3.4
• Summary (LG3 and LG4)
• Unanswered Questions
Your first time reading this, you should skim through the assignment. Pay attention to section headings, pictures, and the definitions of bold-faced vocabulary words. Look at the end-of-chapter summary. Take a break.
Then re-read the assignments, going a little deeper into the text and trying to link concepts together.
After attending or watching the YouSeeU lecture and PPTs, read the chapter a third time. Pay special attention to topics that are covered in the lecture. By now you should be getting a pretty good feel for which concepts we are focusing on and their meanings.

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