Morals in Job Application

You are applying for a job and your prospective employer has asked for a portfolio describing your moral decision-making skills. The employer is considering you because of your degree from UMHB. The mission of UMHB, preparing “students for leadership, service, and faith-informed discernment in a global society” is attractive to your (potential) place of employment since it places a strong emphasis on hiring employees with moral integrity, loyalty, and sound decision-making skills. The portfolio must present your moral decision-making approaches and your undergirding values. You must include examples of applying your decision-making approaches.

The portfolio must include the following components:
A. Present and explain your preferred two moral decision-making models (one must always have a secondary model when the first model is not applicable). You must use philosophical and ethical terminology, and justify your preferences. You can find examples of various models and explanations of terminology in the resource section. You must include a section with a list of what you deem essential character traits that play a role in moral decision-making. Justify your list. (400–500 words)
For section “A” I will be using Deontology and Virtue Ethics as part of my two moral decision- making models in this paper. Please follow grading rubric and instructions thoroughly and use philosophical and ethical terminology throughout this section.

B. Take an online personality test as made available in resources. Since this test is not administered in a professional setting, take it as an indicator only. Present and describe the outcome. Next, correlate the results with the data from the personality and religion survey database and religion and spirituality database online in resources and evaluate your findings. (200–250 words)
Please resort to attachment labeled “Personality Test Results”. Correlate “personality test results” with personality and religion survey database and religion and spirituality database. If links in previous sentence are not working, I have provided links to both personality and religion survey database and religions spirituality database in the attachments section.

C. Present and explain your preferred form of spirituality. Among forms of spirituality that have been described are contemplative spirituality, holiness spirituality, charismatic spirituality, social justice spirituality, evangelical spirituality, and incarnational spirituality. These are forms of Christian spirituality. If you do not find yourself aligned with a particular area of Christianity, you may still find yourself attracted to elements of these that overlap with humanism or other Spiritualities. You can find examples of various forms of spirituality and faith expressions, along with their jargon, in the resource section. (200–250 words)
For this section I will be using Humanistic and social justice as my preferred forms of spirituality. Please use proper ethical language and use several examples.

D. Design two visual moral decision-making charts/plans. Step-by-step display how to arrive at a decision.
For this section use two visual moral decision- making charts/plans with step-by-step instructions on how to arrive at a decision.

E. Select two case studies from the following list:
Is minimum wage ethical?

End-of-Life Decision Making, Case 2

Then apply one of your decision-making approaches to one of your case studies and your second decision-making method to the other case study. Use your decision-making charts. Describe how one “walks” through the decision-making models step by step. (400–500 words per case study = 800–1000 words total)

Total word count: 1600–2000 words (does not include decision-making charts)
When typing part B, you should use a word count of 400-500 words per case study: Is minimum wage ethical and End-of-life decision making, case 2. If links provided above, do not work I have also provided both case studies in the attachments.

APA style
Length: 1600–2000 words (does not include decision-making charts)

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