Morale Issue

Question 1

Peer Review postings provide feedback on one of your peer’s posting for that week in two paragraphs. Consider what your peer wrote and whether you agree with his/her perspective or not and why. What were the strengths in the posting? How did your peer’s work contribute to your personal or our collective understanding of the issue(s)? Identify areas that were written and analyzed well? Were there any areas missed, underdeveloped or not well evidenced? Identify areas for improvement.

Question 2

Watch the following video:

“Extreme Poverty”

Using the Journal, summarize your thoughts on the $2.00 poor. Do you think major corporations like Wal-Mart are responsible for the working poor in this country? Is poverty a political, economical, or morale issue? Explain. 150-200 words

Question 3

Explain how scarcity and poverty are different. Give examples to support your reasoning.

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