Monetary Policy

Question 1

Now that you have analyzed both sides of fiscal and monetary policy, it’s time to create a debate for a television news show. Choose the information you compiled in either task 1 or task 2, and compose a script that meets these requirements:

  • Write 10 lines of dialogue each for two characters (20 dialogue lines in total). The dialogue must be economics related and relevant.
  • One character must take your viewpoint, and the other character must take the opposing viewpoint.
  • Script each character’s rationale for why the specific action they believe in should be taken.
  • Include each character’s main opposition to the opposing viewpoint.
  • Ensure that each character questions the other about points of perceived bias, with each character responding to the other’s question.

Question 2

The country of Australia is a major wine producer and exporter. One of their key success stories has been the US. Their success was not unplanned, there was a lot of work by the wine industry in Australia to enter the US market.

Research what went on in this process and provide a short overview of what actions they took, and decisions made about marketing that helped in their success.

What resources were brought to bear that assisted Australian wine producers in their efforts.

What opinions do you have on how the whole process went and how it might help you in the future,

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