Monetary Integration

You are to read the following assigned article from The Economist (March 25th-31st2017) entitled, “The Future of the European Union: The Case For Flexibility” and answer ONE of the questions, below.

The paper must be written in 12 point font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, with a title page and a bibliography of at least three sources (one of which must be primary). Do not forget to put your name, date, and ID number on your papers. The body (i.e., text) of the paper is to be three pages, double spaced, in length. Graphs and, or charts may be included in addition to the body of the paper or annexed to it but are not necessary. Note: you may be asked to submit your papers to online plagiarism detection software (e.g. SafeAssign).Papers exhibiting plagiarism will be marked as zero (0%). Direct quotations are not to exceed 15% of the paper. For each day late, the paper will be deducted 7.5 of the 15 points of its value.

The paper is to present an understanding, insights and conclusions on the economic issues that are manifested in the economic challenges, opportunities, and public policy problems and solutions that have arisen in the Union.The paper is NOT to be simply a recitation or description of historical events.

You may use APA or Chicago citation protocols.

Assignment (to repeat, answer ONE of the following):

  • “In the 1950s Jacques Rueff, a leading French economist declared that ‘Europe will be made through a currency, or it will not be made’.”(p. 6) What have been the flaws found in the single currency of the European Union as an instrument of integration and what are the underlying tensions hobbling its use as an instrument for deeper integration?
  • Assess the explicit and implicit economic factors causing the migration, foreign and security policies and stressors on the European Union institutions.
  • Explain the reality of a “multi-speed Europe”. What are economic pros and cons of a deeper fiscal and monetary integration, on the one hand, and a “multi-tiered” economy, on the other hand.

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