Module 4 Assignment: Review of Literature Assignment

Submit by the due date and time listed in your syllabus and course schedule.


A Review of Literature is conducted to generate an understanding of what is known and not known about a topic of interest. You have identified a topic/problem in Module 1 Discussion Board – Research Problem. In this assignment, you will create an annotated bibliography of study articles as part of a Review of Literature (Chapter 3 and 7). Follow the guidelines in Gray & Grove (2021) Chapter 18 related to the Article Appraisal. You will share your findings using the template provided.

Submitting your assignment

  • Save this document to your desktop as a Word document.
  • Open the document from your desktop and review the assignment instructions and grading rubric.
  • Create a Word document for your paper using the template provided.
  • Return to CANVAS and upload your paper to the assignment link in Module 4. Submit a second submission including the three articles (in pdf format) used in the annotated bib. If you do not submit the articles there is a 5 point penalty for each.

Instructions for Completing Your Assignment

Step one:  Choose the topic, identify a nursing clinical practice problem that you would like to explore. You should have done this in week one.

Step two: Complete the readings from Module 1, 2 & 3, focusing on Chapter 7 Stages of a Literature Review pp.126-134, Chapter 18, and information provided by the nurse librarian.

Step three: Using the information that you discussed in Module 1 Discussion- Research Problem, briefly discuss the significance and identify the gap in the literature. (Why do you need to study this problem?)  Enter into the template. Make sure that it identifies a gap in the literature and has a citation.

Step four:  Use your three articles that you found in Module 4 for the Annotated Bib. These studies need to relate to your topic and clinical problem. Your studies must be quantitative research articles (for example: quantitative descriptive, correlational or quasi-experimental or experimental designs). At least two studies must be prospective (data actually collected at the time of the study). The other may be retrospective or prospective. Your studies may NOT be a qualitative study, a quality improvement study, a systematic review, meta-synthesis, meta-analysis, meta-summary, or integrative review.  Do not use a thesis or dissertation.  No animal studies or pilot studies. The article should not be a general information article without the elements of a study (e.g.: must include a review of literature and a methods section with results and discussion).

  • Studies/ articles must be current, within 5 years.
  • Include the article reference at the beginning of the Annotated bib. Citations are to be written in APA format.
  • The articles you use must meet the following mandatory requirements noted in Chapter 3 (Types of Quantitative Research).

Step five: Find the elements in your articles that are named in the format and type them into your paper. Use paragraphs as needed in the Bib to separate ideas.

Step six:  If you have questions about your work, post them to the Q & A discussion board for feedback from your peers / instructor.

Step seven: Write up your assignment. Should be no more than 1 page per Bib

Annotated Bibliography – Write up your findings in the template and submit them to CANVAS by the due date and time listed in your syllabus.  Here’s how to write up your findings:

  • This is to be submitted in WORD dox
    • All of your articles will be written in one paper. No more than one page per article.

Don’t forget to use the group discussion board for additional questions about your paper.

Turn in your Annotated Bibliography (docx format only) and the three articles (PDF format only) in to the assignment submission link under the Assignments Tab in Module 4 at the due date and time listed in your syllabus.

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