Modern Leader Selection

Writing a paper can be a very daunting task.  In this course we are going to break the paper down into multiple parts which by the end of module 8 will allow you to submit a completed research paper that has both substance and that is not developed entirely in one night or even one week.

In order to write an effective paper, you must be organized by using an outline and having a quality thesis.  To develop your thesis, you will need to do some brain storming and conduct a bit of research.  The assignment instructions dictate what you must answer in your paper, but you must address these items in your paper’s thesis.

The module learning outcome addressed in this activity is:

  • Select a modern leader and develop a thesis and an outline for the final paper.

While we can learn much from many of the great military leaders about whom Harvey writes, there are many differences and developments between their time and ours.  The following list of modern leaders will enable you to analyze the contemporary operating environment and its leaders through a historical perspective.

In Module 1, you reviewed the list of modern leaders and selected the leader that you will use for the duration of the course.  You should have already done some research on that selected leader.  Now it is time to develop a thesis and an outline.


  • Build your thesis and outline around how your selected leader has adapted the military strategies, leadership styles, and qualities/traits of past Maverick Leaders to succeed in the contemporary operating environment. 
  • You must ensure that you are utilizing information from within the modules.
  • Keep in mind that you will add components to this outline (and midterm) in the second half of this course.

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