Modern History

Question 1

Analyze one of the required readings from this week, but only one of the articles from the 1970’s. There are several on feminism, from different perspectives, as well as one on the Nixon era.

To successfully complete this essay, you will need to answer the following questions:

  • Explain the cultural relevance of the article. Who funded this magazine? What are their political biases?
  • What is the main point of the article? What is the writer’s message to his/ her readers?
  • Did the magazine make an impact on popular culture?

Question 2

Before writing the paper read the pamphlet on why women should not be allowed to vote and the essay by Mary Wollstonecraft and respond to the following two prompts:(do not use other source) This paper should be a minimum of 4 pages long.

1. Take the list of arguments from the pamphlet and compare and contrast them to the arguments made by Wollstonecraft. For each one state whether or not she would agree with the argument, and cite something from her essay that supports your argument.

2. Look at three of her arguments in the essay and answer whether or not her arguments something that would still be argued today or are the arguments settled and done with. In other words, are women still fighting the same fight or have they at least won the points she raises?

Question 3

4 paragraphs essay about the LIberalism and Feminism in the United States and Political Feminism ,Here are two sources for the assignment on Second Wave Feminism: First, The Essential Feminist Reader by Estelle Friedman as a book or as a PDF and Second, the on line The Modern History Sourcebook. which is on line. Google Modern History Sourcebook, scroll down to the 19th Century,. We are focused on feminism in the U.S. but you can also use material from Great Britain.

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