Modern Democracy



Your answer must cover all of the following

  • Explain how Free-Blacks and women lived in the United States after 1800. Be sure to provide the historical information and details from the lesson (written or audio lecture).
  • Analyze and describe how African Americans are portrayed in the video below and relate it to America’s 19th-century attitudes and perceptions of African Americans’ (free or slaves) intelligence and behavior.  Were women viewed the same way?
  • Finally, compare that to today. How are African Americans and women seen in a modern democracy? Is it the same, or have things improved (a little to a lot)? Be sure to provide specific examples (names, dates, stats, etc.) in your answer.


This is a shorter version of the show (only 3:42 seconds)


  • Knowledge of race, gender, and democracy.
  • Recognition that times have changed, but lingering beliefs still influence stereotypes today.

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