Modern Civil Rights

Question 1

Watch some portions of documentaries on modern civil rights.

Obviously, there were many examples of black citizens and leaders making demands for their rights and the rights of others.
However,  consider what the is the nature of protest and what is it meant to accomplish. Address the following:

1) Articulate your understanding of protest from marginalized groups;
2) What are protest actions suppose to achieve?;
3) Is protest always loud, violent, or confrontational–how might protest take place in other ways?

Draw upon examples from the documentary when possible, but feel free to go beyond and use your own experiences as well.

Question 2

Emerson’s thoughts about nature are expressed in a torrent in this essay, and they are at times conflicting. At one moment Emerson is reverent and at the next, petty. At one moment he is realistic and at the next fanciful. Give examples of these two tones expressed in this essay. In your opinon, which point of view wins out?

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