Mobile Phone Industry

On the basis of following information, solve the parts given below-

Further information about general assessment criteria, ARTA regulations, referencing and plagiarism can be found on the module’s site on the e-Learning Portal. Students are advised to read and follow this information.

Instructions on Assessment:

This assignment is an INDIVIDUAL piece of work. It represents 100% of the module mark. Students are required to produce a word-processed report in three parts as detailed below.

The context: You are employed by a consulting company. Your company has recently been approached by a European company that is looking for new business opportunities overseas. One option that has been suggested to the board of directors is the mobile phonesindustry in Myanmar. Your task is to evaluate the attractiveness of this industry. You are required therefore to carry out the necessary research to construct an analysis of the overall competitiveness and investment attractiveness of Myanmar’s mobile phones industry.You should use a range of published sources of information in this task, such as books, academic journals, periodicals, web resources and relevant databases.

Part 1: Porter’s National Diamond Analysis (60 marks)

Apply the extended version of Porter’s National Diamond (PND) model to the of Myanmar’s mobile phones industry.

Part 2: Market Entry Strategy (20 marks)

Based on your research and analysis of the country’s institutional environment, discuss the advantages and limitations of using Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as an entry strategy for Myanmar’s mobile phones industry. You need to provide clear recommendations.

Part 3: Contemporary Management Issues (20 marks)

Discuss TWO key management issues identified from your analysis (Part 1 and Part 2) that should be taken into account before starting operations in Myanmar’s mobile phones industry.

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