MMECCA Model Assignment

Select and research ONE topic of interest from the list of educational issues provided by the instructor. Complete the following steps.

  • Write a 1 page double spaced summary of your research findings on the selected topic. Two sources outside of classroom content is required. Be sure to cite any direct quotes within the body of the document and provide a reference list of sources at the end of the summary.
  • Use this information to create a MMECCA model lesson/presentation plan. Although you will not be presenting this information to a class/audience, it will serve as an exercise for creating a culturally responsive ad inclusive presentation.  The template incorporates all elements of the MMECCA model presented in the Voltz et. al chapters.
  • Provide a response to all the questions in the template as if you were teaching/presenting information on the selected educational issue researched at the outset. Ideas and concepts presented in the Voltz readings should serve as the basis of your responses to questions presented in the MMECCA model lesson/presentation plan.

Educational Topics

Autism                                                              Preventing School Dropout        Gifted and Talented Programs

Bullying/Cyber Bullying/ Peace Initiatives          School Security                            Parental Involvement

Extracurricular Activities                                     Motivating Students                   Technology use in schools

Sex Trafficking of Children                                 Teen Pregnancy                                   Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Child Abuse                                                      Childhood Obesity                      COVID 19 and School Online Instruction                                     *A different educational topic may be selected but must be approved by the instructor.

MMECCA Model Lesson/Presentation Plan Template
Presenter Name:  
1 Page Summary of Educational Issue (See listing in description of assignment).  Any direct quotes are cited in the page summary.    
Rationale: How does lesson/presentation connect to course content? The “rationale” section makes 2 connections related to course content. Consider your topic connects to specific course readings, videos, etc. In your description give details about the course content. Describe the content and its connections to your topic?    
Academic Objective: What will students/audience know and be able to do as a result of this lesson?  
MMECCA (Written responses that are described in the MMECCA lesson/presentation plan should offer concrete and clear connections to each Voltz chapters)  
Methods of Instruction.  Describe the methods of instruction (strategies and techniques). “The Hook”:What will you do to invite the students to engage in this lesson? How will you differentiate the instruction to respect different learning styles/needs?  
Materials of Instruction. Describe what you will use to support instruction. How will you incorporate multicultural materials and perspectives?  
Environment of Instruction. How will you establish a positive social climate that encourages students to be fully engaged? If needed, how will you reconfigure the room to effectively deliver the lesson?  
Content of Instruction.  What are the guiding questions for the lesson?  
Collaboration for Instruction. What type of collaborative strategies will be used during the lesson?  
Assessment in Instruction. How will students demonstrate that they have met or are progressing toward the objectives?  

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