Mitigation Actions

Your team has been chosen to develop a business case for implementing an e-Procurement system for your commodity products.

Identify a company that you are familiar with and provide one example of a commodity product that they use.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which the team will:

  • Define the elements of e-Procurement employed with the commodity supplier.
    • ERP/MRP system
    • Transactions
      • Forecasting
      • Ordering
      • Advance shipping notification
      • Financial transactions
      • Other- explain
  • Supplier Communication
    • Explain the benefits of e-Procurement.
    • Identify the challenges of implementing and maintaining an e-Procurement system and recommend mitigation actions.

Question 2

Your company’s marketing department promotes the products and interacts with the customers, sales force, and supply chain. They are also in charge of forecasting sales for the company. In a PowerPoint presentation that you will show at the next corporate board meeting, analyze the marketing strategies used by the company. You presentation should be 7 – 10 slides and should have a minimum of 100 – 150 words in the Notes area of each slide to further provide substance and support for the outline information on the slide. Please use a minimum of three outside scholarly sources for support.

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