Miranda v. Arizona

Research the case, read the case and provide a summary of the facts of this case. the following questions will be answered in the paper after introduction and case summary and after answering these questions a conclusion will be provided.

1. Explain what this case has meant for the American criminal justice system since it was decided
2. Explain what the American criminal justice system did in similar circumstances before the case was decided
3. Explain how this case rules have impacted other famous cases since it was decided.
4. Explain how this case benefits the American criminal justice system
5. Explain whether this case rules have ever negatively impacted the American criminal justice system using specific examples.
6. Explain what your opinion is about this case using specific language.
-Paper should be typed in 12 point, Time New Roman font
– i inch margins on right, left, top, and bottom
– Doubled space and no cover page
– cite the source where they get any research from
– 10 Citations from at least 4 different sources
– you can find the case at http://supreme.justia.com/us/384/436/case.html

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