Minority Group

Question 1

  • Identifies and describes a minority group
  • Identifies and includes at least two images of the selected minority group that illustrate cultural and ethnic aspects which impact interventions
  • Identifies four key points of the cultural and ethnic aspects of the identified minority group which need to be considered when working with the minority group
  • Summarizes considerations that need to be factored in when working with and creating case management interventions for the identified minority group

Guidelines for Submission: Submit your single-page handout as a letter-sized (8 ½ x 11 inches) Microsoft Word document or PDF file. References must be formatted in APA format.

Question 2

You are a human service professional who is employed at an agency that is considering creating and implementing a policy that addresses trauma-informed work with clients. Suggest at least three key components to include in this policy. Justify each recommendation with research from your book and/or other resources utilized throughout the course.

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