Mini Case Study

Review this article from McKinsey ( embracing-an-ecosystem-strategy) and try to understand the examples of innovation-driven companies discussed by Mark in Module 2 and how ir relates to the idea of an ecosystem strategy. After doing so, submit a proposal including a short analysis and action plan on a real- world enterprise, or your own, for its transformation into an innovation-driven enterprise (IDE). Students are to use the Rubric provided for better preparation and grading expectations.

1) Subject: Select one real-world enterprise (or your own!) to use as your test case. It can be a company, government or NGO entity.

2) Data: Use whatever public sources you can find about this enterprise/entity to design a detailed plan.

3) Analysis: Use the assigned article to draft and design your ecosystem strategy as it best fits your own organization and region.


The following structure aims to present some clarity on the structure and content of your report:

  1. Cover Page – The name of the case and student’s information
  2. Executive Summary – A general overview of the ecosystem strategy
  3. Company Background – Identify the company and key information
  4. Identify IDE Potential – Ecosystem Analysis, Objectives & Goal
  5. Action Plan (systematic, phases)
  6. Conclusion & Recommendations (in brief)

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