Mini Case 1

See the attached data file that represents the earned value data for a product development project. The project sponsor is stating the project is not on schedule or budget. The project is in month 12 of an 18-month project and the Excel data shows current earned value data for the project. The project sponsor wants to know:

  • What is the current earned value status for PV, AC, and EV?
  • When did the project start going off track?
  • What is the projected spend for the project and is it over or under budget?
  • What is the trend for to compete performance index (TCPI)?

You are tasked with creating 4 different Tableau visuals to use the earned value data to communicate project status. Before creating the visuals, open the spreadsheet and finish the computations for schedule variance (SV), cost variance (CV), estimate to complete (ETC), and to complete performance index (TCPI).  Use to review how EV measures are used and computed. The 4 visuals should focus on addressing the project status and provide a comprehensive view to address the project sponsor’s questions.

Each visual should be labeled appropriately with the correct context to address the business questions identified. Make sure you leverage proper use of color, titles, legends, and charts.

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