Military Operations

The next US president will be the most powerful man in the world. By virtue of the laws of the country, the US leader has the right under certain circumstances to unilaterally make a decision on the beginning of a large-scale war and conduction of local military operations.

Given the strength and technological level of the US armed forces, the owner of the White House receives almost unlimited possibilities. Right to start military action without the approval of Congress, American presidents have received thanks to the efforts of Franklin Delano Roosevelt after the Japanese attack on the United States in 1941. Subsequently, this right was slightly limited and then expanded again. An excerpt of Section 3 on the joint resolution on the war powers of the Congress and the President from November, 7, 1973 states that in any possible case, the President will consult with Congress before starting to use the armed forces of the United States in military action.

Against the backdrop of a protracted war in Vietnam, this document slightly narrowed the possibilities of the president in military applications, but not much. Since 1974, the American presidents took the opportunity to request the authorization of Congress to carry out military operations in more than fifty cases (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia and other countries).

If circumstances do not allow the president to comply with the rules, that is, to motivate to members of Congress a need to send one of fleets or lift bombers into the air, the corresponding situation can be modeled.

It happens that the president is guided by the CIA information and sometimes prefers not to disturb the Congress on small issues. Such issues as, for example, the Mujahideen congestion, most often occur in the global fight against terrorism. If the Taliban, according to intelligence reports, is found in Pakistan, the President without congressional sanction orders their destruction by drones – unmanned aerial vehicles. During the governing of the current President Barack Obama drones are intensely used by the Americans for pinpoint strikes.

Americans see a purpose of their country in messianism. After the collapse of the USSR, there was nothing to prevent the United States to carry freedom around the world. Not everyone liked it, and even today America is increasingly called upon to act in the role of world policeman and the president is a prosecutor or a judge, depending on the situation. Over the last decade, more than 225,000 people were killed in armed conflict with the participation of the United States. These, above all, are the citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. According to estimates, the anti-terrorist war will cost the US about $ 4 trillion.

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