Migration Strategies

Senior researchers Bin Wei, and Tennyson X. Chen [5], developed Data Migration Tool (DMT) with five criteria for US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that need to be considered when evaluating a DMT [22].

The five criteria’s are

  1. Types of database the DMT supports, If does not support the database from or to which users need to perform the migration.
  2. How the database transfer is configured through the DMT’s interface. This configuration will determine whether the data transfer can be executed repeatedly.
  3. DMT should check database integrity before executing a data transfer. Sometimes database migration operation fails because of database integrity violation among the data.
  4. How well the DMT incorporates customized data transfer requirement.
  5. Ensuring the correctness of a completed database
    migration operation

In the organization, Data Base expert planning a data migration should consider what type of migration is suitable for their needs. Migration includes data files, different types of operation systems and platforms, personal files and numerous sources. They can choose from several strategies which depends on the project requirements and available resources. There are two migrations: Big Band Migrations and Trickle Migrations.

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