Midterm research paper

Assignment Instructions

The midterm research paper asks that you explore various muscle building techniques using specific exercise.  This assignment will require you to conduct online research and then write a paper that compares and contrasts various muscle building approaches.  Your paper needs to be in scholarly format – including 1) cover Page 2)  references in the body of the paper 3) a reference page. You must use APA format when writing this paper. The research paper should be, at a minimum, 5 pages in length not including cover page or reference page and should include at least 5 references. You must use a 12 point font. 

Using the Online Library, the Internet and other scholarly resources, you are to write a research paper that provides detailed information on the following four advanced training methods.

 1) Super Sets

2) Forced Reps

3) Pyramid System

4) Periodization 

You should compare and contrast these four methods in the form of an essay and explain the perceived pros and cons of each approach.  This assignment should be as rich in detail as possible.  Finally, it must be submitted in Word Format. Copying and pasting text into the submission box will result in a 0.

Midterm Writing Assignment Grading CriteriaMaximum Points
Accurately discussed the four different approaches to strength training techniques.50
Summarized and interpreted your findings regarding approaches to strength training techniques.10
Compared and contrasted techniques20
Paper had minimum number of required pages10
Used correct spelling, grammar, professional vocabulary and APA format.10

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