Microservice -Oriented Architecture

You are asked to design and develop a share trader software system. Sample systems are
available at https://www.sharescope.co.uk/ and http://www.iii.co.uk. To make the
development efficient you must use the component-based development methodology.
Optionally, to make the system agile and interoperable, you may adopt microservice-oriented
architecture (MSOA). The final deliverable will be a prototype and a report. During your
development, you are expected to utilise the advantages of component-based approach and
MSOA (optional) to their maximum.
The specification of the system is given as follows:
Desktop Share Trader
The system aims to provide a suite of tracking and trading functionalities for shares of
interest to its users. The system accesses the share database for share information, such as
share prices, volume, company name, and news. It also monitors the market changes of
interested shares and alerts the user when necessary.
The typical functions of Desktop Share Trader include but are not limited to the following:
• User registration and logon
Users need to have their accounts set up, and user authentication is required before users
can use the system. The user types include system manager and normal user.
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Enterprise Computing
• Share basics
The system deals with queries over basic information of shares, such as trading code,
number of shares, share price, company name, and company market value.
• Share monitoring and alert
Users may register their interest in the selected shares. The system monitors the market
change of these shares periodically. If the price of a share is higher than the maximum value,
or lower than the minimum value, both of which are pre-set by the user, a corresponding alert
message will be displayed in a popup window for the user’s attentions. If there is any news or
shareholder announcements published relevant to these shares, again an alert message will
be popped up to the user. The news and announcements may be regarding holding changes,
directors’ dealings, dividends, etc.
• Trading information
The trader tool allows the user to acquire trading information under specified conditions, such
as for selected shares and within a specified time range. The information includes trade date
& time, price, amount, buyer, and seller.
• Broker recommendation
The system provides information of a number of share brokers, including their names,
contacts, specialist domain, trading record and service quality grade. Based on the broker
information, the system can recommend brokers that are suitable for specific users and share
• Shareholders
The system can check information of shareholders, including major shareholders of selected
share, their trading activities, and recent announcements.
Your tasks
The share trader is to be developed with reusable components. Your tasks come from the
following stages of component-based software development. Optionally, you may apply (but
not required) advanced technologies such as MSOA in your coursework. At each stage, the
tasks cover both development and analysis:

  1. Component mining: identify potentially reusable components from the sources such as
    your previous projects, legacy applications, and open source libraries (e.g.,
    sourceforge.com and Google code). Interface definition should be done for each
    component. You need to reuse at least 3 components in your development. Justify the
    suitability of your selection based on the system requirement, architecture and the
    interface of the components.
  2. Component adaptation: discuss whether there are any mismatches between your prequalified components and the current reuse context. Use adequate adaptation
    techniques to adapt your candidate components if this is necessary.
  3. Component integration: build the share trader system by integrating the components
    into the system. You will need to develop a GUI frontend of the application.
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    Enterprise Computing
  4. Testing your system: test your prototype system with appropriate techniques. You
    need to discuss how your testing has focused on the special features of component
    (and MSOA) based systems.
  5. Evaluate your new system in respect of its system quality, development cost and time.
    You need to justify the benefits of component (and MSOA) based development and
    system. Discuss any drawbacks of your development approach and your new system.
  6. MSOA design (Optional): if you are using MSOA, you need to analyse the description
    of the share trader system, design its MSOA architecture, and identify the possible
    microservices. Make sure your design follows the principles of MSOA and provides the
    advantages of MSOA.

The desktop share trader system is expected to be an expandable and adaptive system to
accommodate changing business requirements in the future.
Submission Guidelines
S1. The Component (and MSOA) Based Development Report. You should describe and
justify your system design, implementation and testing as required in the above task section.
You need to evaluate your system and development based on the component (and MSOA)
based methodology. This document should be no less than 8 pages in font size 12 (including
diagrams and tables). Feel free to use more pages if you need – we don’t set an upper page
limit but make sure you only put the relevant material into your report. You need to zip your
coursework report together with the source code of your prototype into one file and submit it
via the Moodle coursework submission link.
S2. Prototype. Please note that only a prototype is required but you should demonstrate how
to achieve the benefits of component (and MSOA) based development to their maximum.
S3. Demo & Presentation. You will be required to demonstrate your prototype during the
practical session of week 12, and to make a very short presentation (5 minutes) to explain
and justify the success and the challenges you have met during your development at your
normal lecture time in week 12. This will be an excellent opportunity to show your mastery of
CBSE, optionally MSOA, and analytic skills.
You need to create your Power point file for the presentation. The presentation and the demo
will be on-campus. For students who cannot join on-campus, e.g. due to COVID, please
email Xiaodong for an arrangement of online presentation or demo via Teams.
Zip everything into one zipped file and submit it via the Coursework Submission link at
Moodle. Your pack may include the coursework report, source code, and the presentation
ppt. Upload it to Moodle under the coursework section.

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