A. Identify and read at least two review articles that provide a good overview of your topic. Include the references of these reviews using the following format.

    • Iniesta, A.A., Hillson, N.J., & Shapiro, L. (2010). Cell pole-specific activation of a critical bacterial cell cycle kinase. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 107, 7012-7017.

B. Construct a Glossary for every new term that you learn from your reading of the reviews (at least 10 terms). Use your textbook, library resources, PubMed, google scholar, and other resources to learn as much as you can about the new terms. Use your own words to describe the term and reference your sources by simply including it in parenthesis [i.e., (Google scholar)]. The glossary section must be a minimum of 10 terms but can be as long as you need it. Format can be general Arial font 11, margins 0.7”, single/double spacing.

C. Identify three specific questions/emphasis (i.e., areas of active research on your topic) that you would like to learn more about for your final presentation. These should be ideas/topics that you find interesting. During your final presentation, you will present a research article that covers one of those questions/emphasis.

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