Conduct research and cite supporting sources in APA format where appropriate.

  1. Why do you need to start Postgresql before starting Metasploit?
  2. What is the difference between an auxiliary module and an exploit module in Metasploit? Give an example of a Metasploit post exploitation module along with syntax and description.
  3. Research and find a Metasploit exploit for Android® Describe the exploit and its various options. Discuss what a user can do to protect themselves from the exploit.
  4. What is the difference between an /etc/shadow and an /etc/password file in Linux?
  5. Here is a hypothetical entry from the /etc/shadow file. Answer the following questions based on this entry:


  1. Which algorithm was used to hash the password?
  2. What is the maximum number of days the password is valid?
  3. What is the date that this account will expire?

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