Messaging and Disseminating Excellence in Leadership and Ethical Implications

Welcome to Week 6!
Great leaders are prepared, articulate, consistent and succinct in their messaging. The messages communicate authority, clarity, and certitude. Confusing messages can cause havoc in leadership and outcomes. Leaders must work from an ethical standpoint that guides the development of an environment based on moral decision-making. An important communication tool for the nurse leader is the Executive Summary. The Executive Summary is as important at the project.
AONE Competencies:
I Communication and relationship building
II Knowledge of the healthcare environment
III Leadership
IV Professionalism
Learning Outcomes

  1. Outline strategies that enhance thinking and learning invite disruptive innovation and strategic messaging and facilitate stakeholders’ abandoning outdated approaches to leading.
  2. Describe the mechanisms for achieving organizational outcomes that are replicable and applicable to advancing nursing knowledge, practice, and policy development through messaging.
  3. Identify ethical leadership and principles for guiding ethical behavior.
    Roussel, L., Thomas, P. L., & Harris, J. L. (2020), Chapter 15
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    Guiding Questions
  4. What is messaging?
  5. What makes a nurse leader a great leader?
  6. What is the relationship between marketing and messaging?
  7. What is an Executive Summary?

W6D1 Leadership Communication and Efficient Solutions
• 2 scholarly references are required for the initial post.
• You must use the course textbook as one resource/reference for your post.
Course textbook: Roussel, L. A., Harris, J. L., & Thomas, P. L. (2018). Management and leadership for nurse administrators (8th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.
Discussion Question:
A nurse leader must present to the staff a major change needed to align resources with current patient care needs. This will involve rethinking the current patient care delivery model. What are the features of a solid approach the nurse manager can take in conveying critical messages?

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