Menu Review and Redesign in Brisbane

Assessment Description
Menu Review and Redesign in Brisbane, Australia

The purpose of this individual assignment is to develop student skills in understanding the role of
menu planning and its importance in successful Food and Beverage operations. This will enable
you to learn the fundamental evaluation skills and will foster further understanding of hospitality
Individually, you are required to review a menu from any food and beverage outlet that you
frequently visit. In your review you must consider the following aspects:
1. Provide a brief review of the selected food and beverage outlet and identify its current menu
2. Identify and evaluate the number of items, menu classifications, the variety of items, and
item’s nutritional value.
3. Identify the potential issues in the menu design and propose an alternative menu concept.
Justify the reason behind your proposed redesign.
4. Redesign the menu by creating a blueprint.

In preparing your menu review, you will need to reference at least 12 sources of information. These
may include corporate websites, government publications, industry reports, census data, journal
articles, and newspaper articles.
Your menu review and redesign document MUST follow a professional structure:
Title Page
Brief overview (200 words)
Menu Review (400 words)
Redesigned menu blueprint (attach an image of the redesigned menu)
Reference List (you must apply Harvard Referencing Style)

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