Mental Health

  1. You are asked to share your thoughts and reactions about social work assessment in mental health.
    Consider two key points:
     How would a biopsychosocial understanding of mental health might inform your understanding of the assessment process? What might be the challenges for capturing all three aspects of a biopsychosocial assessment for social workers?
     How comfortable do you feel talking about suicide? How might you manage this in practice?
    Referencing: You must use APA style for all referencing.

Second one (200 words) (2 references)

  1. There are many interesting and complex aspects of social work and mental health in rural areas, so this final portfolio activity provides an opportunity to consider a particular aspect of this relevant to your own work and interests.
    Some examples of topics might include:
     Opportunities and challenges for service provision in rural areas
     The impacts of environment and ecological factors on mental health and wellbeing (eg. drought, flood, bushfires).
     Mental health for vulnerable subgroups in rural areas (eg. farmers)
    Share insights and knowledge about your chosen topic. How might social workers be involved in this aspect of mental health in rural areas?
    Referencing: You must use APA style for all referencing.

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