Mental Examination

Question 1


  • What are the causes of Dementia? What are the signs & symptoms? What are the associated health problems
  • Complete the risk assessment for your client, which may include:
    Falls risk
    Mini-mental examination
  • Describe specific communication strategies to relieve distress, agitation, and challenging behaviours?
  • Using a problem solving approach design activities which provide the client with opportunities for autonomy and promote independence
  • Discuss the potential impact on family and others

Question 2

  1. a) Describe the processes that in place to monitor safe work procedures. Incorporate a flow chart to describe the process.
  2. b) Briefly, outline how OH&S records are completed and maintained within legislation and organizational requirements

Question 3

Interview an OH&S representative in your area and research how emergency procedures are implemented highlighting the following areas:

–  How are the staff informed of emergency procedures

–  How do they ensure emergency equipment is available and routinely checked for functionality

–  What are the support measures to prevent reoccurrence and minimize the risk of emergencies


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