Mental and Physical Health

When They See Us”

  • Watch the 4-part series on Netflix and then prepare a 10 slide presentation answering
    the following questions
    1) What was the effect of trauma on the victims?
    2) What social determinants of health did they face?
    3) What role did nursing play during their incarceration?
    4) What role should or could nursing have played?
    5) What do you think their perception towards the health care system post
    incarceration is?
    6) What are the Effects of incarceration trauma on mental & physical health?
    7) Reflection: What are your overall feelings on the series?
    Option 3:

3) Define the following terms and explain the negative impact on patient’s health:
a. Health disparities
b. Implicit Bias
c. Systemic Racism
d. Microaggressions
4) What are examples of systemic racism that you observed in the videos

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