Memorandum Format

Pick a modern day problem facing our world/society/country today. Write your own “ modest” proposal. Make sure you have come to understand the questions that guided your reading. Specifically, how did the author begin his work? How did the author give glimpses of his true feelings? How did he convey some “real” suggestions to the audience? How would Swift address the problem you recognize in our world today? You will want your proposal to include the satire that Swift has in his. To submit this assignment, click on the A Modest Proposal assignment link. It will direct you to a place where you can submit your assignment.

You do not have to maintain the same tone as is found here (but it does make it more fun!). Still, use some variation of satire to convey your message.

This proposal should be 2-3 typed (2 FULL pages minimum for any credit), double-spaced pages. Submit it in a Word document. Attach it as a document; please do not copy and paste it into the area provided. Have fun with it, but be sure you use your best writing skills. Let me know if you have any questions.

Make sure that you use MLA formatting when you write this assignment.There is NO need to use outside sources. This assignment should be all from you.

Clear Argument/thesis 20 pts

support of argument 40 pts

use of satire 10 pts

grammar/punctuation 20 pts

Formatting 10 pts

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