Medline Plus Paper



Overview: This assignment requires students to use Nielson’s heuristics for evaluating the usability of a website. The assignment includes two parts. First, students must identify and define 2 of Nielson’s heuristics that are relevant for evaluating the website. Second, students must propose two problems that can occur with the current design of the website. Students will hand in a written report of their findings for each of the two parts of the assignment.

Scenario: The following is the scenario that you are evaluating to test the usability of a website

A patient has just turned 65 and goes to the following website to learn about Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage.

Assignment Requirements: You are required to visit the MedelinePlus webpage on senior health and write a report that addresses the following:

Considering a population of older adults,

  1. Identify and define at least TWO (2) of Nielson’s heuristics that would be relevant for evaluating the website (5 points each).
  2. Propose TWO (2) potential problems that may arise due to poor design from a usability perspective. Explain how these problems may be countered (5 points each).

The written report should be approximately 2-4 pages long, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and address the assignment requirements listed above.


Format: Follow correct APA Style 7th ed.. and include all required components.

Help with Research and Writing: View the CSS Writing and Research online resource for help with all aspects of your writing.

Submitting your assignment: Written assignments must be submitted in Bright space as an attachment. Assignments need to be written using some type of word processing software (preferably Microsoft Word)

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