Medicine Treatments

Question 1

Each quiz consist of two moderate length essay questions. Each question is to be answered by a minimum 300-word response, with the total quiz length of no less than 600 words

1.)Many alternative medicine treatments and complementary medicine treatments are controversial and may suffer the disdain of a majority of medical practioners in the community. Does it then follow that the state medical board may use its judicial powers to enforce orthodox treatment where the alternative treatment is not unlawful?

2.)Under the decision In Re Williams, is it the case that all physicians in all cases must practice in accordance with the view and manner held by the majority of physicians?

Question 2

Papers must be a minimum of 2500 words, double-spaced, and include the following:

introduction, body of paper (with internal documentation),

summary/conclusion, and references/works cited page, with a minimum of

five (5) sources. Include a word count. MLA guidelines will be

provided by the instructor. The following questions will be utilized in

evaluating the paper:

a.Is the title appropriate, focused, and effective?

b.Is the general approach to the subject creative?

c.Are thought and expression original?

d.Does the introduction identify and limit the topic?

e.Is the purpose defined and accomplished?

f.Does the whole paper have unity of thought?

g.Do the paragraphs and sections flow smoothly?

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