Medication Administration

This is the first of several assignments in a capstone project.  I would like to utilize the same writer to insure consistency and continuity.  The subject of this project is as follows: The measurable problem I would like to explore is reducing medication administration errors in the Emergency Department and inpatient setting by adding the additional safety measure – verification of medication by scanning the medication after it is pulled from the pyxis.  The purpose of this additional safety measure is to ensure that the correct medication was pulled.  Frequently, incorrect meds are placed medication pockets. 

Proper medication administration and charting at the bedside includes, scanning the medication at the bedside, the nurse obtaining the verbal two patient identifier and then scanning the PATIENT wristband (not a patient label) and medication, prior to administration.  An additional security measure added to medication charting in order to decrease errors would be – if for any reason the nurse is unable to scan the barcode for the medication, the nurse cannot override the scan to manually chart on the EMAR until a second nurse verification is obtained via ID scan

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