Medical Profession


  • Explain the difference between the family of orientation and the family of procreation.
  • Discuss the four steps in critical thinking. Give an example of each.
  • List and explain four of the eight theoretical perspectives that help us understand family life.

PART 2 HEALTHCARE 5–7 slides (excluding title and reference slides) and speaker notes of 200–250

As teams progress, they pass through stages of development. You understand that being prepared with tools and techniques at each stage is important. There is a team forming that will take on a production line. You want to be ready to provide training and development resources for this team as soon as they start working together.

You research various team-development models and pick one model that you will use to determine team-building activities before the team members start working together. Develop a plan that addresses the following:

What will you do to prepare the team for working together before they start?

Discuss the training and development activities that you will use to build trust and productivity in the group once they start working together.

How will you measure whether trust exists within the team?

How will you measure the effectiveness of this new team in each of the early stages of 3, 6, and 9 months of them working together?

You must include a minimum of 2 scholarly references.

PART 3 HEALTHCARE (2-3 pages)

You have decided you would like to work in a foreign country as a health care financial professional. Choose the country and the type of position within health care finance or health care management. You would like to know how medical education, job duties, and pay in the country of your choice compares to the training and experience received in the United States.

Provide the education requirements, job functions, and salary for your chosen medical profession in the chosen country.

Describe how these differ from the education requirements, job functions, and salary in the United States.

Be sure to support your information by citing at least 2 scholarly references using APA format.

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