Medical Directive

(a)(i) What is an Advance Medical Directive and how does it work? (6 marks)
(a)(ii) List the circumstances under which a doctor will certify that the person is terminally ill. (6 marks)
(a)(iii) How can Amanda revoke her AMD when she is unable to write? (6 marks)
(b)(i) Determine the amount Amanda can contribute to her own Supplementary Retirement Scheme Account and state the eligibility criteria (6 marks)
(b)(ii) What is the amount Amanda can use to top up Sandra’s CPF Account? State the reason. (6 marks)
(c) List FIVE (5) options available for Amanda to bridge the retirement shortfall (i.e. the additional funds needed) between her current retirement investment and her retirement goals. (5 marks)
(a) Explain the accuracy of the following statement.
“Trust is the disposition of assets upon death of grantor while Will helps the settlor with the disposition of assets before his death. (8marks)
(b)(i) Is Amanda’s Will valid after her marriage? Explain.
(ii)When should Amanda review her Will? (6 marks)
(c) Upon her Death, Amanda wishes to give her assets shown below to the stated beneficiaries. You are to advise her about the most effective way of planning her estates:
(i) Her Pine Grove property to her parents
(ii) Whole Life Insurance Policy’s Proceeds to Brad and Sandra
(iii) Saving and Fixed Deposit Amount to charity
(15 marks)

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