Media Law, and Ethics Portfolio

Assignments and guidance:

The summative assessment on this module is a portfolio (Total word count: 2,500). The portfolio has three elements:

  1. A 1,000-word essay that considers the regulatory and legal aspects of a recent case.
  2. A 1,000-word essay analysing ethical considerations in an example of media coverage.
  3. Editorial task in which you have to apply your knowledge of ethics and law.


You are required to answer the question below. Your answer should identify and define the key media law issues in the case and explain how legal and regulatory frameworks operate and interact with the Human Rights Act 1998 in litigation procedures and the reporting of proceedings. Word count – 1,000 words.

HRH The Duchess of Sussex v Associate Newspapers Limited [2020] EWHC 2160 (Ch) (ongoing) – how did we get here?


You will be required to give a considered analysis of the ethical aspects of media coverage of an agreed story. This news story will preferably be a current one but it is not limited to any one country, similarly the media coverage may be of any country. The analysis should draw on academic sources to argue your case as well as potentially referring to comparative case studies and journalistic sources. It will draw on your classes from Week 7. Word count: 1,000 words.


Write a 500-word essayistic blog post on the following article’s practical employment of the ethics, law and regulation you have learned on this module. Pay particular attention to the quotes used, the headline, the reportage content and any omissions made by the reporter. What would you have done differently?

The blog post should be structured like an essay with an introduction, key points and conclusion. You should use academic citations.

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