Media Framing

Question 1

Media Framing of Female Athletes: Controlling Images Versus Women’s Self-Definitions pages 151-154

and write two pages on which to apply a detailed intersectional analysis. The analysis should include a race, gender, and class perspective, as well as, the perspective of category X to be decided by the group. Asking the questions what, when, why, where, and how should be the foundation of the analysis. These questions should guide the analysis in each category where feasible. For example: What role does race play in the case? How does race influence the case? Who are the primary characters in the case and what are their races? What role does race play concerning the location of where the case takes place?

Students will be graded on the depth of analysis in each category (5 points per category for a total of 20 points). There should be at least 1 piece of evidence to support the analysis per category for a total of at least 4 in-text citations (for a total of 10 points). Students will also be graded on grammar (for a total of 10 points). 

Question 2

1. Read “Behind every great woman is a great man”, and in 2-3 paragraphs summarize the article.

2. Read “Black Masculinity in America:Can I get a witness?” and in 2-3 paragraphs summarize.



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