Maximization Of Profit

Assessment Tasks:

Students are required to conduct an in-depth analysis of the chosen topic to find an issue/problem of strategic relevance to address the following:

A company called Abu Dhabi National Chemicals ADCHEM is located in Abu Dhabi. ADCHEM is a manufacturer and distributer of a vast range of specialty oilfield production chemicals as well as provides on-site troubleshooting and consultancy in the Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Dubai. The company is seeking your help in optimizing their business as they have a challenge into two optimization problems as described below.

Case-1: Minimize Cost Problem

They have two main demanded products. We refer to them as Chemical 1 and Chemical 2 for simplicity. They did a study to forecast the demand on the two chemicals during 2023 and reached out that: Abu Dhabi demand will be 100 L, Ajman demand will be 200 L and Dubai demand will be 300 L. The company established contracts to have 60 L of Chemical 1 and 700 L of Chemical 2. Distribution Chemicals has cost that is listed in the below table. All costs are in thousands of dirhams.

The goal of the company in this part is minimize the cost of distribution of chemicals.

Case-2 Maximize Profit Problem

The ADCHEM company has a cinema as a subcompany. The cinema gets profit from the advertisements they present at the beginning of the movie. Currently, there are 4 movies that are played and they will be replaced by the 6 movies listed in the table below.

The movies are played from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm with one advertisement played in a movies and the advertisement are played fairly so that each advertisement is played once in a day. The table below shows the movies with their timing and estimated revenue from advertisements in AED.

The company is looking for maximizing the total revenue coming from advertisements.

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