Maturity Level

Question 1

Discuss the following topics

  • Solve applied problems involving percent.
  • Calculate simple interest and maturity value.
  • Use compound interest formulas.
  • Calculate present value.
  • Compute effective annual yield.
  • Find the value of an annuity.
  • Determine the amount financed, the installment price, and the finance charge for a fixed loan.
  • Compute unearned interest and the payoff amount for a loan paid off early.
  • Describe stocks, bonds, and mutual funds as investments.

This is problem set five. You can do the problems over and over again until you get correct answer so that assignment can be 100%. It also has an example button you can push If you don’t understand something.

Once you log into saint Leo you must choose finite math from courses tab listed at top of page then go down module five once you click on module five, go to problem set five and it will open up homework assignment.

Question 2

The research proposal paper is on the following; Topic: Depression on Adolescents

The proposal needs to include the introduction/literature review, method section, predicted results, and discussion of what these results mean. A title page, reference page, and abstract/appendix must also be included. The paper must be written in APA format and the proposed study details must be feasible.

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