Material Development

Write a 2-page answer for each of the three questions below (for no more than 6 total pages). There is one question each covering the F101, F102 and F103 lessons. READ INSTRUCTIONS PER QUESTION. Arial size 12 font, double spaced, one-inch margins, use ENDNOTES and bibliography Turabian style, DO NOT use parenthetical citations, and must write in active voice style). Use only the references provided for each question.

When answering all three questions, remember that these questions are less concerned with you detailing the specifics of any particular item (getting into the weeds), but are more concerned with you understanding the interrelationships, inputs and outputs, and demonstrating understanding of how the Army manages change with limited resources and uses prioritization requirements. While there are three individual questions, they are very much related and should support one another.

Short Answer Questions: Ensure you answer all parts of the question.

Question #1 Reference will be the attached PDF file named Combined PDF files for F 101 lesson and reference for F 101 essay question. When citing, please use the footnotes on the bottom of each page (i.e., F101b RD, March 2019 page#)

Question#1 for lesson F101 Question (2 pages): Using Force Management, the Army provides combat capabilities, usually in the form of Ready, Lethal and Modern units, for Combatant Commanders to carry out their missions. Discuss what Title 10 says for the Army, how Title 10 responsibilities are carried out and how the Army communicates Title 10 priorities and requirements to the force.

Question #2 References will be the attached PDF file named Consolidate Understand JCIDS Guidance Fort Leavenworth KS DLRO June 2019 pages 1-18 for F 102 essay question.

Question #2 for lesson F102 Question (2 pages): JCIDS is the DoD system used to formulate concepts to address gaps in capability needed by CCDRs to carry out their missions. ACIDS (or Army JCIDS) is the Army process that nests with and mirrors JCIDS. Explain the ACIDS process from vision to concept and approved solution. Include the organizations that support the execution of the steps in the capability development process. This answer should flow from the previous question as to national strategy affecting capability gap identification.

Question #3 References will be the attached PDF files named Materiel Development and the Acquisition System page 1-15 and Big Six How the US Army is Modernizing for Future War for F 103 essay question.

Question #3 F103 Question (2 pages): Discuss the transition from JCIDS to materiel (“M”) approaches in supporting CCDR mission needs. Include the different lanes a materiel solution can take based on the timeliness of the need and the consistent tension between the three main aspects of materiel acquisition (cost, schedule, and performance). Incorporate one of the current Army “Big 6” modernization priorities to demonstrate how this process supports the Army Operating Concept supporting CCDR’s capability needs.

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