Match Your Motivational Tactic

write a individual essay to reflect on the chosen article “Match Your Motivational Tactic to the Situation”
1.Provide a brief summary of the issue(s) or concepts, and how you will link these to the
remaining essay
Use relevant management concepts and theories as the ‘lens’ through which you
critically evaluate and analyse any issue(s) or concepts
2. Recommend, based on further academic research:
• If there are any issues discussed – any different approach that might be taken to
resolve the issue, and explain why
• How key points raised in the article link to specific aspects of theory that you
have learnt
3. Your ability to link concepts and theories to real life examples, and argue your opinion
based on evidence, is important here.
4.Font Type Arial/Times New Roman
• Font Size 10 – 12pt
• Line Spacing 1.5 or double-line spacing
• Reference list must be included
The essay should consist of an introductory paragraph which makes reference to the original article, any issues or key points identified, and then an explanation of what will be discussed throughout the essay.
The main body of the essay should combine a discussion of the identified problem areas or key concepts, with your understanding of relevant theories – you should add examples of how theory can be
applied to the real world (e.g. what types of leadership theory you can identify from your article, and then examples of people with those traits
The next section (conclusion/summary) should summarize your discussion, and link it with the introduction – this is where you demonstrate how your discussion has answered or acknowledged how
you would correct the issues you have identified
The final section of the essay is a “Reference List” which must start on a new page.
6.A reference list of the information sources used in accordance with Harvard
Referencing technique. Examples of issues that you might explore include any of the
areas covered in the weekly lectures: change that has occurred in organizations due to
globalization, alternative approaches to management, change and innovation
management, organizational culture etc.
You should include (and use in-text citation), as a minimum, 9 references:
• 6 journal articles
• 2 academic books and the article itself

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