Marketing Plan

  1. Throughout the course, you will work on creating a basic Marketing Plan for a real or hypothetical market offering of your choice.
  2. After completing the module readings, develop an outline for your marketing plan. As a resource, consult your textbook for the basic contents of a marketing plan as listed in Table 2.2 | Contents of a Marketing Plan. (I have already completed this, see attachment)
  3. In Module 2, complete a draft of the Current Marketing Situation section of your Marketing Plan by highlighting the market, customer solution (i.e., product/service review), competition, and distribution review.
  4. In Module 3, complete a SWOT analysis to include the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats the product or service may face.
  5. In Module 4, develop draft content for the Product (or Service) strategy section of your marketing plan.
  6. In Module 6, develop draft content for the value delivery network and distribution section of your marketing plan.
  7. In Module 7, develop draft content for the promotion section of your marketing plan.
  8. In Module 8, develop the specific actions that address the following questions:
    What will be done?
    When will it be done?
    Who will do it?
    How much will it cost?
    While on the topic of expenses, provide draft content on the supporting budget necessary to carry out marketing efforts.
  9. In Module 9, you will outline the control measures necessary to monitor the progress.

The above 9 bullet points are just dissecting the marketing plan week by week which may help you gain a better understanding of what the final assignment should look like. I started the outline. Please feel free to use it from there. The final marketing plan is what I am looking to be completed. Please see below.
Complete Your Plan and Review
You should now have a complete draft of your marketing plan. Thoroughly review your draft sections of your plan and make any revisions as necessary.
Is the marketing mix strategy congruent? Do the tactical actions support the strategic focus of the brand? Are the communications integrated and aligned with marketing mix elements?
Bottom Line: ensure that there is alignment between the organization’s mission, the marketing mix strategy, and actionable items.

Formatting Requirements
• 12 point, Times New Roman font
• Double-spaced
• Title page
• Reference list (citations and references should follow current APA format)

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